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Our Project Management Tool : .Project

.Project is an HTML5 and SQLite, Off-Line Project Management Tool. This is a free tool to help our clients (or anyone else), … and maybe also an excuse to show off.

SQLite means no information leaves your computer everything is saved in your Web Browser.

SQLite is only compatible with a few modern browsers.


Per Project Management – You add your projects using the top-left box, and add new tasks/ideas/articles/code/feeds/links for each project. You can also use the No-Project category for adding things that don’t belong to a specific project.

Tasks – Adding tasks has never been easier! I’m sure you are familiar with this application interface from Twitter or Facebook. Just click the “New Task” link, and type a task title, task content (NON-Filtered), start & due dates, and priority. You can then mark your task as completed when you … complete it! You also have a task-filter on the left, giving you control over what tasks are shown.

Ideas & Articles – Almost the same as adding tasks, the only difference being in the input form. Here you add title, description (for articles), and the article/idea content. Fueled by HTML5 , you can also add videos & audio files to your content. If you are an html/css coder, feel free to style your content right there, in the markup editor, nothing is filtered and everything will be accepted.

Code – Here you can add your quick code snippets. .project comes with SyntaxHighlighter, allowing you to browse through your snippets just like you would in any online/offline snippet database. Just click the “code” button, type one of the listed programming languages in the popup, and paste your code. I’m sure you noticed, you can also add highlighted code to any task, idea, or article.

Links – Bookmark your project specific links here! Instead of having 150 bookmarks in your browser, have only the daily bookmarks in your browser, and put the others in their project in .project.

Feeds – Just like the links, there are some RSS feeds we read only because we are watching for something that is connected to our project. Add them to your project, and load them when you want (and you are online).

Search – Since this application is offline, the search is VERY fast. You type your search string, and as you type it, the page you are currently at is being filtered in split second. When you search, you are searching through what is currently displayed (tasks, articles, etc).


If you have a project in mind or would like to ask a question then please call or email

even if you do not see exactly what you are looking for

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